Hello again! We’ve got another Q&A for you, it will be the final one for 2021 so this time our CEO Tom Tirman stopped by the main PARSIQ Community Channel to take some questions directly from the community.

As usual, before getting to the questions, we have positive community updates…

Helping make DeFi investing easier and more interesting than ever

An important background belief in PARSIQ’s initiative is that tokenization is the future of finance. We believe this is true not just of the transfer and exchange of value, but also of the representation of value itself. Currently, of course, the role tokens play is largely relegated to web3 systems…

Making NFT markets accessible, simpler to understand, and easier to manage

Having entered into nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry — from gaming and sports, to music and collectibles — the popularity of NFTs has proliferated. So, too, have their use cases. However, the best approach to entering into the world of NFTs is far from obvious. How does one…

Supporting on-chain monitoring & providing automated workflows for over 100+ projects!

Following a successful testing phase, PARSIQ has integrated the Polygon Ecosystem into its network. PARSIQ now enables users of the Polygon blockchain to access its data in real time, providing immediate feedback and allowing for important monitoring solutions.

PARSIQ monitoring solutions are now live on the Polygon Ecosystem. With impressive…


parsiq.net Monitor, detect and prevent fraud on the blockchain

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