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Providing Essential Features for a Project Linking Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Technologies


We at PARSIQ understand the reality of the gap between blockchain technology and the real world, between Web 2.0 systems and Web 3.0 solutions. Characterizing the exact nature of this gap, however, is rarely simple. This is because the distance between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is not a singular…

Bringing NFTs Closer to Life

We have had another wonderful week here at PARSIQ, announcing our status as a technology partner with Amazon’s AWS! The qualifying window for our 1m PRQ airdrop incentive is still open, and currently there is a 5,000 PRQ giveaway, hosted by The Human & Machine Podcast.

As always, this week’s AMA provides a lot of great information and insight into PARSIQ. Below is the transcription of the October 14th, 2021 live AMA with Tom Tirman (CEO), and guest Rong Kai Wong, Chief Operating Officer at PARSIQ.

The bolded questions are links to the timestamped section of the video AMA. Or, you can watch the entire AMA here.

Be sure to visit PARSIQ on Twitter or in our Telegram, and Tom Tirman on Twitter here.

— — — — — –


Tom: Hi everyone. Welcome back to the live PARSIQ AMA. Today we have PARSIQ’s Chief Operations Officer, Rong Kai, with us.

PARSIQ Monitor, detect and prevent fraud on the blockchain

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