PARSIQ Partners with Babylon Finance

An important background belief in PARSIQ’s initiative is that tokenization is the future of finance. We believe this is true not just of the transfer and exchange of value, but also of the representation of value itself. Currently, of course, the role tokens play is largely relegated to web3 systems. Mainstream adoption is coming, but we are still early: slowly and steadily it is on its way.

In fact, blockchain assets are looking to become the best-performing investments for the foreseeable future. Despite this, beginning to invest in the world of DeFi is — for most people — disorienting (to say the least!). Newcomers not only must struggle with questions about what to invest in; but even more basically, they must face the question of how to get started at all.

As any long-time crypto investor knows, it’s not realistic to try to teach every interested family member, friend, or colleague, one by one, how it all works. DeFi has created plenty of excellent investment opportunities, but few people understand how to take advantage of them.

Today, PARSIQ is excited to announce our partnership with Babylon Finance, a platform designed to help solve this problem, making DeFi investing easier — and more interesting! — than ever before.

What is Babylon Finance?

Babylon Finance is a platform for community-led asset management. Like PARSIQ, they believe that web3 and tokenization is the future of finance. The opportunity here is huge! Babylon’s aim — whether you are a newcomer or already well-versed in blockchain — is to reassess how investing in these assets takes place. In doing so, they have created a community-led ecosystem, rewarding the participants who support the best investment ideas.

Babylon empowers investors by allowing them to create or join communities of investors (which they call ‘Gardens’). Investors can then deposit capital; make suggestions, or develop strategies, for investing; vote on how the community moves forward; and earn rewards, depending on their role and level of participation in the Garden.

Why is Babylon community-led, you might ask? Their model benefits everyone involved. Say you are already an expert, a strategist, or investment-influencer. Babylon allows you to easily benefit from having gained that experience. By inviting investors to your Garden, you are helping initiate others into the world of DeFi investing, and, at once, growing the network of investors who share in your interest. By doing so, Garden creators earn an additional percentage of the returns generated by the community’s investments.

Okay — maybe you aren’t an expert. Now, let’s say you are a newcomer, or an investor looking to expand your horizon but don’t know where to turn. Thanks to Babylon, you can enter Gardens with strategists you follow, groups with which you share common interests, family or friends you trust, or ones with levels of risk being sought. Not only do you reap the profits, but you also gain important experience along the way!

With its non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and community-governed model, Babylon Finance is innovating DeFi investing for everyone.

PARSIQ + Babylon

PARSIQ is proud to say we are providing Babylon with the real-time monitoring infrastructure that is necessary for their platform. When you join a Garden on Babylon, you are invited into that community’s channels of communication (e.g., on Discord, Telegram, etc.). It is there that strategies are developed, votes are taken, and investment decisions are made.

With PARSIQ by their side, Babylon is able to let their users know immediately about the events occurring not only on the blockchain broadly, but also about the events happening within their Gardens. This lets everyone in the community stay informed and alert about what is going on within their group. Moreover, it provides on-chain verification of the actuality of movements within the Garden, thereby providing confidence in one’s investment decisions.

With PARSIQ, every community member in every Garden can rest assured in the integrity of both their Garden and of the entire Babylon network.

About Babylon Finance

Babylon is a community-led asset management protocol that enables users to create investment clubs (what they call ‘gardens’) and invest in DeFi together. It’s built on the Ethereum network and it’s non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and governed by the community. BABL is the governance token behind it.

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PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time, providing transaction notifications for end-users. With PARSIQ you can connect blockchain activity to off-chain apps and devices, monitor and secure DeFi applications, and build custom event triggers and power real-time automations.

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