PARSIQ’s real time monitoring now on Solana

3 min readFeb 26, 2021

PARSIQ is proud to announce our newest integration with the Solana blockchain.

PARSIQ introduced Smart Triggers to the crypto world, allowing real-time on-chain events to trigger off-chain actions, giving developers the possibility to automate workflows, creating endless ways to interact with real world applications, maximizing possibilities while focusing on being cost effective.

What is Solana?

Solana is touted as being one of the fastest blockchains out there, having launched their mainnet in beta in March 2020, they have currently served over 12 billion transactions to date with a reported 50.000 TPS(Transactions Per Second) possible. Speed isn’t the only thing going for Solana, with 652 Global Validators, the average transaction performed on the network costs only an estimated 0.00001$

Not only is Solana blazing fast, they’ve also seen tremendous growth and user adoption on their platform, with 4.9 million unique wallets at EOY 2020. They’ve even seen Serum, a DEX launch exclusively on the Solana blockchain.

Solana has also brought some new terms to the crypto space, things like “Sealevel”, “Cloudbreak” and “Turbine” are all part of this new contender’s arsenal, fighting for real world adoption.

As with other integrations, PARSIQ is deeply integrated inside the Solana network, with our completely new custom gateway setup, which guarantees real-time speeds when it comes to notifying users of events happening in the network.

Solana just got smarter

With PARSIQ now integrated into Solana, users on the Solana network can now reap all the benefits from the PARSIQ ecosystem. Using PARSIQ’s push-based data-stream aggregator that adds a programmability level on top of real time data-streams. PARSIQ allows users to combine independent data streams and write arbitrary scenarios in reactive style using our easy scripting language.

Users don’t need to think about an environment, server configuration, runtime management. PARSIQ even provides users with their own programmable data storage where they can place their auxiliary data to use in their scripts. E.g. address sets, attributes, etc. So PARSIQ is the go to platform for ingesting all this real time data, digesting it according to user specified logic on the fly, and delivering results using a selected method (including performing actions). PARSIQ scripts (called Smart Triggers) not only react, they can keep data, update it and react differently in future on basis of already processed data. In other words they can learn. So PARSIQ is an ideal platform not only for monitoring, it is a platform for deploying bots, strategies that can learn, AML compliance rules, automated accounting and so on. The platform where each data-stream preserves its own brand, identity and pricing model, while being empowered with additional data from other streams.

At PARSIQ our goal is to provide real-world value, solve pain points for the industry as a whole and propel the mass adoption of blockchain technology by being the essential infrastructure bridge between decentralized systems and everything else. This has always been the mission, it is evolving all the time as even we discover how much can be disrupted by blockchain tech and we aim to play a central part in this process.

Today we are bringing our ideology to Solana’s ecosystem and join them on the mission to change the world.